6th Grade Math Lesson Plans (2/13/12-2/17/12)

MMS Focus Lesson                            Week: 24
Subject Area: Math Grade Level: 6th
Strand: Benchmark: MA.6.G.4.3; MA.6.G.4.2; Rev.MA.5.G.3.1
Benchmark clarification Statement: Determine a missing dimension of a plane figure or prism given its area or volume and some of the dimensions, or determine the area or volume given the dimensions. Find the perimeters and areas of composite two-dimensional figures, including non-rectangular figures (such as semicircles) using various strategies. Analyze and compare the properties of two-dimensional figures and three-dimensional solids (polyhedra), including the number of edges, faces, vertices, and types of faces.
Instruction Date: (2/13/12-2/17/12) Imp. Announcement(s):
Day 1: Monday
Review 10.2; Introduce 10.3: Break into Similar Parts: Students will learn how to break a polygon into simpler parts to find its area; EX (1)

Day 2: Tuesday
Continue 10.3: Area of Composite Figures Practice It! Worksheet (In-class)

Day 3: Wednesday
Introduce 10.4: Comparing Perimeter and Area: Students will learn to make a model to explore how area and perimeter are affected by changes in the dimensions of a figure; EX (1-2)

Day 4: Thursday
Continue 10.4; Guided Practice (1-2)

Day 5: Friday
Review HW; Introduce 10.6: Solid Figures: Students will learn how to identify solid figures: EX (1-2); Guided Practice Pg.526 (1-12all)

Tues. Latch on to Two Dimensional Areas Worksheet
Thurs. Change in Perimeter/Area Worksheet
Friday Remember It? Worksheet: 3-D Figures